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Christmas lists from Gospel artists

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Just for fun – these came out this week, and include some of my picks, as well as favorite movies, songs, and albums from many Christian artists. Check them out!

Christmas Movies

Christmas Albums

Christmas Songs

Whirlwind #2, Ohio version

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Tia and I with Chris Brugler of Women Walking in Faith at St. Cyril’s

Getting ready at Northmar Church with Julia

Tia and I with the almost mythical Pastor Randall 🙂

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We did, although we drive pretty much all over the state of Michigan visiting my husband’s family, and after just coming home from the last trip, and leaving again for this one, I’m getting pretty sick of my suitcase.

This trip had a great advantage, though. I did three shows up near my friend Tia, so I got to stay with her, and we had such a wonderful time – she is truly a blessing! So I got to look forward to the ministry, and to time with a dear friend too – a double blessing after getting to spend the last trip with Chris!

Tia’s been in music ministry for a long time herself, and it’s so great to talk with her since we totally “get” what the other one is doing. You can check out her ministry at her website, and say hi from me!

I drove up on Monday morning, and Tia and I went to St. Cyril’s where I did a concert for their women’s group. This is the first event like that they’ve ever done, and it was such a beautiful evening – just wonderful people, and we had several sponsorships for World Vision which always makes me really happy. Thanks, Chris, for having me!

Then Tia and went back to her place and stayed up too late. 🙂 But it was so fun to catch up a little!

The next morning I went to Northmar church in Warren, OH, and I did the program for their Christmas brunch. Tia had her own ministry that morning, so her daughter, Julia, came with me to help with the tech and the table – she does a lot of ministry with Tia, so she’s great at that. These women also made me feel like I’ve known them forever – what a joy to realize that the family of God really is everywhere!

Tia and I had a bunch of time then to talk, and time is such a gift. We’re both really busy, and we live 3 hours apart, so this is rare. We drank pots of tea, and hashed out solutions to every ministry difficulty there is, or tried to anyway. Stayed up too late again, but got to sleep in, which never happens. It was great.

Wednesday night we headed up to Southington, and I did a concert at Southington Christian Church. What a cool, unusual church! They really have a heart for teens and kids, and I had a lot of them at my concert, so there were some last minute changes as I tried to make sure the show would connect with everyone!

After the show, I can honestly say I had a first. Pastor Randall, (who, just randomly has broken ribs surfing AND run a midnight marathon in Alaska – the man has stories!), saw the giant slide from the movie Princess Diaries II, thought it looked fun, and built it in his fellowship hall. Now, that is cool!! Who does that?! You slide down it on mattresses. And I got to go – face first, on my stomach. Very dignified, I tell you. 🙂

Not sure I can top that, although he said next time I’m up he’ll take me bungie jumping off the steeple. Hmmm. I should probably tell him heights aren’t my thing.