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Two Podcasts

Tuesday, November 19th, 2019

I’ve been featured recently on two podcasts I wanted to share.

The first was for the National Salvation Army ministry called their “Prepare Podcasts.” I was episode 51 and it was such a fun and comfortable interview! You can find that here.

The second one I did was for Brilliantly Brave Parenting, really focusing in this one on special needs parenting. You’ll find that one here.


Aspire Fall Weekends

Tuesday, November 12th, 2019

Kay, Shaunti, and I backstage at one of the events in MI.

Kay killing it at our sold-out house in Midland, MI

With Jaime and Sandy, my beautiful adoptive mama friends!

At the event in NC.

With Amberly and Barb backstage.

At one of the events in IN with Melissa and Kay

This fall, I did three weekends with Aspire. The first weekend was in Michigan and I had three shows with Shaunti Feldhan and Kay Dodd. This was my first time working with either of them, and they were simply fantastic! Aspire weekends are long and exahsuting and have a lot of travel and packing/unpacking, etc, and these women made it a delight. So fun to get to know them, and it felt like we’d been friends forever! Another really fun moment for me personally was that I had some adoptive mama friends come out to our event in Midland. Shout out to Sandy and Jaime – it was so fun to see you! We met in China when we were adopting our kiddos, and it’s been a joy to keep in touch!

The second weekend was in North Carolina and South Carolina with Barb Roose and Amberly Neese. I’ve worked with both of them before, and again, they made it a joy. We had a lot of driving and travel for that one, and we had a lot of wonderful conversation and laughter along the way!

The third weekend was in Indiana and I served with Melissa Spoelstra and Kay Dodd again on that weekend. Melissa and I have been friends for a long time, so that was just a blessing to get to be with her, and it was so good to see Kay again! Poor Kay had lost her mother just days before these events, but she bravely came ahead and did a great job.

After the Aspire events that last weekend, I went to Taylor University to see my daughter, and to speak and sing at Upland Community Church where my daughter’s been attending for the last couple years. It was so fun to get to see her and her church family!

I have dearly loved meeting and serving with the women I got to know on Aspire. That has sincerely been one of the greatest joys I’ve had. I will not be continuing with Aspire after this season, and I will miss working with these incredible women!