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New song

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

I just heard the rough mix for my new song, and I am psyched – it’s going to be beautiful. We’re heading down to Nashville on Friday to put on the main vocal. I can’t wait for you all to hear it!

Also, in the area of answered prayer, we’ve had so many snags with this trip to the UK and Kenya, and we’ve just been trusting God that He knows the plan and will take care of it. We leave two weeks from Friday. Yesterday and today we’ve had so many things fall into place, it’s just incredible, and the Kenya portion of the trip has really taken shape and come together. Keep praying for the UK part of it – we’re still waiting to hear about some pretty big issues, but again, God knows that and we are trusting Him. 🙂


Monday, April 13th, 2009

Happy Jello

Well, I just wanted to say, “Happy Easter!” I’m so overwhelmed this year with the grace of God. What an incredible gift, what amazing love He has shown for us! I just love Him.

We had a pretty wonderful morning of worship and celebrating Jesus’ amazing victory over death this morning. There’s lots of special music stuff going on, so it’s a very busy morning for me, but it really was great fun, and really neat to facilitate all the musicians glorifying God with their talents.

And on a totally non-spiritual note, I wanted to show you our little OCD side. This is the 14 layer jello my hubby made for Easter. We both can do this particular gem, but he did it this time since I was fighting a cold. So, I don’t know what you could read into that. We have too much time on our hands? (And, um, I can vouch for the fact that that’s not the case.) We spend a lot of time making totally non-nutritive food? We like rainbows? Well, at least I think no one can argue with this – that is one happy jello. 🙂

Happy Easter!

God’s provision

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

Just wanted to note how good our God is. He cares about even our little stuff!

As seen below, we’ve gotten tons of clothes in the clothing drive from the kids’ schools. We were planning also to wear these clothes, and that way we can leave them all when we come home and get more in.

Well, in many areas we are visiting, it’s necessary for the girls and I to wear skirts, and they need to be at least past the knee in length. None of us like skirts particularly, and if you follow children’s fashions in the US right now, it’s mini-skirt land. We probably got 40 skirts, but they were all too short for the girls to wear without offending. I began to worry that I wouldn’t be able to find them long skirts even if I went out to buy them. We were told we’d need at least 2, and one needed to be nice, not a jean skirt.

Also, we had tons of clothes for every size, it seemed, except for my son. I couldn’t believe we were going to have to go buy him clothes when we’re sitting in this huge pile of clothing.

Well, today, I looked through it all, and I found exactly 4 girls skirts. Guess what? Two of them fit my older daughter, and two fit the younger, one jean skirt and one nice skirt for each of them. What are the chances?!

And as I was thanking God for this, a mom from one of the schools brought over another bag. She said, “Are you still accepting clothes?” and I joked, “not unless they are size 4 or 5 for boys.” She says, seriously, “Actually, they are.” No way! They are beautiful, and actually perfect for Toby, exactly the kind he likes with his sensory issues. We’re literally packing that bag for him.

God is so good! And He cares about even little stuff. Isn’t He cool?