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Wonderful Bonita Springs women

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

This morning I got to share some songs and some of our Kenya experience with a group of about 100 women, many of whom helped to fund our trip. It was so fun to get to show them some of what God did through their support! And, I get to stay with my wonderful, wonderful friends, Ralph and Nancy, who have done so much for me and my music, AND I get to be in sunny Florida in January. What could be better??

TSA is fun!

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Really, I have met only helpful, polite TSA people in my last several flights, but it is pretty funny to watch their faces when you try to fly with a small mixing board and many, many cables in your carry-on.

You can see them thinking, Hmmm, black plastic box covered with dials, surrounded by black cabling, I wonder if we should take a second look here. “Um, ma’am? Could you please step over to our ‘special’ area? Ma’am? Over here please.”

Yeppers. Flew into Tampa today to start a couple of weeks of promotion and concerts for the new album release with just a little family downtime in between. Should be fun – at least it’s not 12 degrees like it is at home!!

Great review on the new album

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Hi, everybody, we had a great review come out yesterday on the upcoming album. Check it out here!

I’m also really excited to see how the Lord is moving things along for the new release. I’m on 5 television shows this month, as well as visiting several radio stations and doing some concerts and guest worship in the Southeast, and it’s just fun to watch God open doors. 🙂